Platform and Payment solutions for the luxury watch industry

  • Yourasset provides a technology platform and financing payment solutions specifically designed for the luxury watch industry

  • Our offering is tailored to watch brands, authorized retailers, pre-owned merchants and auction houses

  • Yourasset acts as an intermediary to support and facilitate your transactions and relationships

  • Our partners remain the owners of the customer journey and the luxury experience

  • Our wide range of services are entirely modular and easy to integrate

  • Yourasset enables additional acquisition and communications channels

Financing payment solutions

  • Offer your customers monthly payment solutions via one partner

  • Available for your boutiques, your website and your digital boutique on Yourasset

  • Terms from 12 to 60 months, for amounts up to CHF 250’000

  • Fully regulated and CSR compliant financing solution

  • You receive the full purchase price upfront with no credit risk

  • Easy, transparent and digital application process for customers

  • You receive personal customer data but don't have to handle financial information

  • Yourasset works with reputable financing partners and acts as licensed credit broker

  • Offer financing payments in other markets soon too

Your benefits offering financing solutions

Strong customer demand for flexible payment solutions

Upselling opportunities due to monthly payments

You receive the full purchase price upfront without any credit risk

Easy to integrate. Online & in your boutique

You control which products are offered with financing

Yourasset takes care of banking relationship and compliance

Create a personalized offer for your customers via QR-Code or link invitation

Create a personalized offer for your customers in your boutique and online that you can share via QR code and email link. When creating the personalized offer, you can adjust the price of the watch again, but this price will only be available to the recipient of the link or QR code. The price adjustment has no effect on the price in your inventory and the price displayed in your public digital boutique. The customer receives direct access to the watch profile online in your digital boutique via the link. There, the customer sees all relevant information about the watch, the monthly payment options and about you as a retailer. The customer can conveniently complete the transaction directly in the boutique or from home. This is particularly advantageous in connection with a financed purchase.

You as the retailer can use your login account to see whether the personal offer has been sent to the customer and whether the customer has accepted the offer.

Personalized offers for your customers

Customer receives information about the watch and you

Track the status of the shared offer and manage the data

Your digital boutique on Yourasset

Present yourself to all users of our platform.

Expand your reach and expose yourself to customers worldwide. Yourasset can set up your digital boutique (shop-in-shop format) in a matter of days at no cost. The digital boutique includes an overview of your company, the services you offer, and your products. Users buy directly from you or book a boutique appointment first.

Expand your customer base and reach a worldwide audience

You manage your own company profile and content

Customers purchase directly from your offered sales channels

Track transaction details and customer information

You are in charge of the luxury customer experience

Yourasset platform and payment solutions

Watch enthusiasts, collectors and users of the Yourasset platform can use your digital boutique to view relevant information about your company and the watches you offer. With your digital boutique, use a platform focused on luxury watches to give customers the opportunity to find out more about you and your products. Many watch enthusiasts and collectors use Yourasset to manage their collections and explore watches offered and the monthly purchase options. We support you with the setup of your digital boutique and hand it over to you to manage your content. You can also create several digital boutiques and target them to your different customer groups, e.g. tourists from certain countries. You determine the company description, the available and displayed inventory and the payment options offered.

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