Financing payment solution. Upsyde™ by Yourasset

Pay for your next luxury watch over 12 to 60 months, for amounts up to CHF 250'000. Benefit from the flexibility to align the purchase with your monthly income. You purchase the watch directly from our verified merchant partner. The financing payment solution Upsyde™ by Yourasset is currently available in Switzerland for private customers between 18 – 65 years old with an income from employment. The financing solution is available online and in the boutique of the merchant (request for the QR code). Yourasset works with reputable financing partners in Switzerland and will soon extend this option to other countries.

Financing payment solution. Upsyde™ by Yourasset

Your benefits buying through Yourasset

Buy a new watch directly from the brand or an authorized retailer

Buy a pre-owned watch directly from a verified merchant

Pay for your watch over 12 to 60 months, aligned with your regular income

All watches are guaranteed authentic by our verified partners

Experience the watch at the merchant before you buy and ask questions

Manage your transaction from your login account

Sell your watch

Are you considering to sell your Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Cartier or Omega watch? Via Yourasset you can sell your watch directly to one of our verified merchant partners or to a verified private buyer, who can also pay for the watch with financing. With this approach, you will receive the highest selling price for your watch. Your personal details will only be passed on to the buyer once both parties have agreed on the price. Yourasset supports you throughout the process. Your advantage is that you do not have to contact your friends or various dealers directly. Yourasset does discreetly and efficiently for you.

The process is very simple:
1) Provide details of your watch
2) Data about your watch are shared shared with our partners
3) You receive the highest purchase quote
4) You decide to accept the offer
5) You receive the money.
Yourasset charges the seller a 5% facilitation fee on the selling price.
Once you have received the money you can browse for your next watch to add to your collection.

Sell your watch