Combining the rational with the emotional

Founded in 2020, Yourasset is a Swiss technology company positioned at the intersection of technology, finance, and horology. Yourasset empowers the luxury market and its clients through its unique way of combining the emotionality of fine watches with technology to foster and build relationships.

Why can't fine watches be financed, just like real estate and cars?

Our company was established with the belief that fine watches now act as assets rather than just consumer products. These timepieces also embody the essence of sustainability, showcasing the benefits of circularity by being designed to endure for generations to come.

With Yourasset's digital platform, users can easily track their cherished watches and explore a range of financing options to maximize the value of their personal collection. Yourasset operates as a facilitator, bridging the gap between merchants and end-customers, without maintaining its own inventory. By streamlining financial processes and removing any friction from the customer experience, Yourasset simplifies the journey on behalf of its partners.

Our team and our vision

Our team is driven to realize our company vision: To be the premier technology platform for information and financial exchange in the hard luxury goods market, serving both merchants and clients.

We aspire to be a hub where our users can access all the possible avenues to make the most of the luxury assets they own.

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Stephan Kolz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Joly

Tech Lead

Advisory Board

Strategy and Industry Insights

Martin Dehlin

Marketing Manager

Technology Team

Design and development

Evolution of the luxury watch market

The fascination and interest in mechanical luxury watches has always been prevalent. However over the past years this trend has accelerated further by the growing popularity of social media platforms and digital content in general that allows for a constant flow of information far beyond the marketing initiatives of the brands and their retailers.

At the same time the pre-owned market continues to grow strongly which increases the liquidity and the transparency of the market value of the watches. It also attracts new investments and market participants.

Value of a luxury watch

The secondary market for luxury watches has seen significant price appreciation, with the Patek Philippe Nautilus in steel being a notable example. While the Nautilus has appreciated over 3000% from 1976 to today, other luxury watches have seen smaller increases or none at all.
However, the value of a luxury watch is just one factor that buyers consider, as watches can hold emotional value for the owner and are often appreciated for their aesthetic and craftsmanship. Today there is a growing conversation around the value and asset characteristics of watches, with many prominent watch brands and figures contributing to the discussion.

Existing market size

Global annual turnover of new and pre-owned watches

Our technology partner

Microsoft for Startups

  • Microsoft and Yourasset collaborate in a variety of subject to grow our company

  • Yourasset is part of the Microsoft for Startups program

  • All data of our Swiss customers are stored on servers in Switzerland

  • This allows us to leverage their IT-infrastructure and systems

Microsoft for Startups exists to support companies such as Yourasset to successfully scale their business by leveraging our cloud services, mentoring program, and market-place along the way. Yourasset empowers the luxury market and its clients through its unique way of combining the emotion of fine watches with technology. Its progress has created immense buzz within our team in Switzerland, and we cannot wait to see where they go next.

Giovanna Dughera

Community Manager for Microsoft for Startups in Switzerland

    Security of your data

    Yourasset as a Swiss company hosts client data with Microsoft Azure in Switzerland. Your personal login profile is protected abiding by strict industry standards. A similar security level as that of banks or other related industries. View, manage and edit your personal data at any time.

    For more information, visit our General terms & conditions and our privacy policy.


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