Solutions for luxury watch brands and merchants

  • Yourasset provides a technology platform and financing payment solutions specifically designed for the luxury watch industry

  • Our partners remain the owners of the customer journey and the luxury experience

  • Our offering is tailored to watch brands, authorized retailers, pre-owned merchants and auction houses

  • Our wide range of services are entirely modular and easy to integrate

  • Yourasset acts as an intermediary to support and facilitate your transactions and relationships

  • Yourasset opens up additional acquisition and relationship management opportunities

Financing payment solutions

  • Financing for amounts from CHF 4'800 to CHF 150'000

  • Monthly payments up to 48 months

  • Fully regulated and GDPR compliant financing offering

  • Customers must provide required details only 1-time to pay with financing

  • Available in the boutique and online

  • Seamless integration options via API-calls and our support

  • Attractive payment fee that does not depend on the financing term

  • Track all transactions in your login profile

  • Yourasset works with reputable banking partner(s)

  • Offer financing payments with Yourasset in different countries

Your benefits offering financing solutions

Attract more customers and increase revenue

Opportunities to upgrade/upsell due to financing flexibility

You receive the full amount upfront from our banking partner without any risk

Easy integration. Online and in-store

You control which products are offered with financing

Yourasset takes care of banking relationship and compliance

A new level of luxury shopping with our QR code invitation

Introducing our innovative QR code invitation, allowing merchants to provide clients with instant access to all watch-related information. Simply scan the QR code to access the watch profile, explore financing options and merchant details. Making the purchasing process effortless and convenient.

With the added benefit of creating personalized offers and invitations for highly coveted timepieces, our QR code invitation serves as a valuable tool for both merchants and clients. Plus, with the ability to collect customer data, it provides merchants with essential insights to enhance their customer relationship management.

Instant access to watch-related information

Personalized deals and offers

Obtain valuable customer data

Your digital boutique on our platform

Present yourself to all users of our platform.

Expand your reach and expose yourself to customers worldwide. Yourasset can set up your digital boutique (shop-in-shop format) in a matter of days at no cost. The digital boutique includes an overview of your company, the services you offer, and your products. Users buy directly from you or book a boutique appointment first.

Expand your customer base and reach a worldwide audience

You manage your own company profile and content

Customers purchase directly from your offered sales channels

Track transaction details and customer information

You are in charge of the luxury customer experience

Yourasset platform and payment solutions

Yourasset offers its partners a range of additional services and solutions. The offering is modular, can be whitelabeled and tailored to your needs. It ranges from webshop development, CRM integration and additional B2B services. For more information, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

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