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Launching in Autumn 2022

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Buying & financing

How it works:

Select direct payment or financing for your watch

1-time credit preapproval allows for instant financing in-store and online

Acquire your watch using our proprietary financing tool

Available online or in-store

Explore watch and brand details

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Choose your most convenient payment option: Direct payment, or financing over time

Direct payment

Via a secure check-out
  • Credit and debit cards

  • Local payment methods

Financing solutions

Yourasset provides you with our proprietary financing solutions to finance your next watch or access the market value of your current collection.

  • Unlock your upside

    • Pay with financing from all our partners sales channels

    • Get pre-approved prior to all future purchases, in-store and online

    • Instantly view all watches you are eligible to finance

    • Yourasset partners with well-known financial institutions

  • You own your data

    • View, manage and edit data in your login profile

    • Your data is stored in Switzerland with our technology partner Microsoft

    • Read more about our data security policy here



Buy or sell a pre-owned watch from/to verified sellers

  • A new, efficient and safe process to sell your watch

  • Create a complete profile of your watch

  • Receive the highest price from multiple verified buyers

  • Keep your privacy

  • Your data is only shared with the final buyer

  • Prevent fraud and save time

Selling available for watches owned over X months