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Yourasset is a Swiss technology company that operates a new marketplace for luxury watches.

Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled access to information and services around luxury watches and more.



Find information

Find information about new and pre-owned watches, retail and market prices, direct payment and financing options, places to buy and further details about our partner brands and merchants.
  • Buy your new watch directly from an authorized dealer

  • Sell your watch for the best price with our safe and efficient process

  • Track your own watches or add others to your watchlist

  • Choose to finance your new watch with our new and innovative financing solutions

  • Manage all your data in your login profile

  • Be informed about upcoming events and view exclusive deals

Some factors that explain the value of a luxury watch may be related to, amongst others:

  • Brand managed supply scarcity or supply constraints, pricing strategy, brand heritage and image, popularity and celebrity endorsements, the role as status symbol.

  • As well as comparable asset price appreciation of financial assets, real estate, digital assets or luxury vacations.

Our story

Stephan Kolz

CEO & Founder of Yourasset AG

Our story

Like many people, I have long been sharing the passion for mechanical luxury watches. After a thorough research phase and talking with friends I have bought my first watch. Over the years I accumulated a few more and also the market values began to increase. Effectively I am owning a true asset that can also be enjoyed at the same time. Fantastic.

From my experience working at a bank I knew most assets like cars, real estate, stocks can be financed. But this was and is still not possible for the majority of luxury watches.

This has inspired us to build a platform that combines an intuitive process to find all relevant information about luxury watches in one place and at the same time provides and easy access to other services. To buy, to sell or track your assets and the possibility to tap the locked-up equity capital of your existing collection or to finance your first or your next purchase.

Yourasset acts as an enabler and therefore adds value to customers and our partners alike.

Cars can be financed
Real estate can be financed
Financing still not available today

Our partners

Our technology partner

Microsoft for Startups

Yourasset is part of the Microsoft for Startups program. This allows us to leverage their IT-infrastructure, technology and support.

All data of our customers are stored on servers in Switzerland.

Microsoft and Yourasset collaborate on multiple levels to grow our company.

Become an investor

Yourasset operates the first marketplace platform exclusively for new and pre-owned luxury watches, with embedded financing solutions. We chose to empower existing market participants through technology. Please request further information via the link below or reach us directly on Linkedin. LinkedIn

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