Combining the rational with the emotional

Yourasset AG is a Swiss technology company founded in 2020 that provides financing solutions for hard luxury goods, working with established banking partners at home and abroad.


The company foundation combines an interest for mechanical luxury watches, and the principles of consumer finance.

Our purpose was to answer a seemingly simple question:

If assets such as real estate, stocks or cars can be financed, then why not watches?

After all, the luxury watch market continues to grow year on year with no signs of abating, outperforming several other asset categories.

Yourasset fills a void in the market by allowing our clients to tap into the locked-up equity capital of their existing collection or to finance their next purchase.

All our solutions are backed by trusted banking and insurance institutions in each country we service.

Our team

The company was founded based on the principle that hard luxury goods, especially fine watches, now behave like assets rather than the long-held belief of some that they are simple consumer goods.

Our team works to fulfill our company mission, bringing our users an incomparable ecosystem to build, track and unlock the upside of their personal watch collection.

Our management

Stephan Kolz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel Tanguay

Chief Technology officer

Meera Anand

Chief Marketing & Communications officer

Evolution of the luxury watch market

The fascination and interest in mechanical luxury watches has always been prevalent. However over the past years this trend has accelerated further by the growing popularity of social media platforms and digital content in general that allows for a constant flow of information far beyond the marketing initiatives of the brands and their retailers.

At the same time the pre-owned market continues to grow strongly which increases the liquidity and the transparency of the market value of the watches. It also attracts new investments and market participants.

Value of a luxury watch

The price appreciation of luxury watches in the secondary market have been widely cited and witnessed. The Patek Philippe Nautilus in steel as displayed on the right is a prominent and extraordinary example of this. While the Nautilus has appreciated over 3000% from 1976 until today, other luxury watches show smaller increases or some none at all.

While the value of a luxury watch is a relevant factor a potential buyer is looking at, there are many other aspects that a buyer will consider.

First and foremost the watch should be enjoyed and often carries an additional emotional value for the owner.

Size of the market

Yourasset estimates the total size of the existing luxury watches market to be between CHF 500 and 1000 billion.

The annual retail turnover of the luxury watches market is about CHF 50 billion while the pre-owned market transacts around CHF 20 billion annually.

However the pre-owned market is expected to grow faster in the coming years, according to research conducted by McKinsey and BCG.

Our technology partner

Microsoft for Startups

  • Microsoft and Yourasset collaborate in a variety of subject to grow our company

  • Yourasset is part of the Microsoft for Startups program

  • All data of our Swiss customers are stored on servers in Switzerland

  • This allows us to leverage their IT-infrastructure and systems

Security of your data

If you have any security related questions, please

Yourasset as a Swiss company hosts client data with Microsoft Azure in Switzerland. Your personal login profile is protected abiding by strict industry standards. A similar security level as that of banks or other related industries. View, manage and edit your personal data at any time.


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